The Beginning (17edo)

from by ZIA

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1 The Beginning (17edo)
The universe began as something beyond the range of our experience, and perhaps beyond the range of
our mathematical imagination. We do not have and may never have the language to describe the exact
About as close as we can come is to say that the seeds of things-to-be were there from the start,
including the seed of some essential Mystery to teach the parts how to become the particular universe
that would emerge. The seed surely did not know what it would create, as only time could tell, but it
contained the simplest instructions - all that was needed.
In an instant, the embryo of the universe came forth, verging perhaps on chaos. But within that instant,
the guiding Mystery began to frame events as the creation of a universe-to-be: Time began, space
burgeoned, and matter and energy filled it, cascading into existence.
As the universe expanded and the first glow of creation faded, gravity became the organizing force.
Galaxies-to-be began to form, gathering atoms into banks of swirling mist, and within each bank of mist,
smaller swirls of stars-to-be began to break away and coalesce. Then, in the darkness, the first stars were
born to relight the universe.
As the first stars began to die, some of them exploded, scattering forth new forms of matter. Almost all of
this debris remained in the galaxy of its birth, captured by the gravitational mass of the galaxy itself. Over
time, much of it combined with remnants of primeval matter to form new swirls of clouds to become a new
generation of stars, of which our sun is one.
From the remainders of the mother cloud of our sun, a new kind of planet formed, incipient with new
complexities. Among the complexities that were realized, was the emergence of a microscopic structure
which could capture energy and resources from its environment and replicate itself -- the first life form,
from which every creature on our planet has developed in an unbroken chain.
There was some variability in the replications; variations which were passed on to future generations.
Some of the variants were better able than their parents to compete for the resources required to sustain
life and reproduction. The competition became intense, and over time living things came to exhibit great
complexity and variety.
In the end, however, in perhaps the strangest twist, victory went neither to the swiftest nor to the
strongest but to the most intelligent species; a species equipped to understand itself, to sort out its origins
and those of the universe and to imagine the possibilities of its own future.
[a girl grows up]
[elaine] Bernadette, I swear I cannot find a man on this whole planet. Either they're not smart enough or
good enough, or they're non-committers, or they're taken! I just.. I really think I give up.
[bernadette] Elaine, silly brain, come on.. get a grip. Don't give up yet. There is more than one planet. You
just need to look outside of the sphere…
[elaine] Oh I know.. you're right.
[bernadette] There's that new intergalactic dating site.. what's it called??
[elaine] the Intergalactic dating site.
[bernadette] oh haha.
[elaine] I don't know.. some of those guys are so weird. I mean, the men on the high gravity planets are
so short and stout, and the low gravity planets have 12 foot tall guys with spaghetti legs. How would
THAT work? And then there are the guys with spikes.. I don't understand who they bred with to get those.
and the blue skin guys.. some strange gene splicing has gone on - and the ones with one extra arm.
[bernadette] Well don't be so picky.
[elaine] Hey, I can be REALLY picky if I'm expanding my search to the entire galaxy.
[elaine] OK check this guy out.. a perfectly sized blond adonis.. and check out his PLANET. It's oceans
are made out of champagne.
[bernadette] Oh ya, I've heard of that planet. Planet Champagne
[elaine] How is that even possible?
[bernadette] Favorite him! Put him on the list!
[elaine] OK here's another one.. he's off visiting some other planet, but he says he'll be back soon; as
soon as he fixes his ship. Oh my gosh, he's perfect! This is my perfect guy! Listen to this:
"I graduated with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. All that work has paid off though and I do what I love,
make robots!"
He's brilliant AND funny.. and he must be really good at MATH. Oh I hope he likes me.
Oh…. my…… GOD I know this guy! He's always flying around, touring with his music and stuff. Now he
lives way over on this planet so far away. I kind of turned him down years ago, but.. I actually fell in love
with his music since then. I bet he'll be SOOO excited that I like him now.
Woooohhha look at this guy. He says he's an x-nomrom.
[bernadette] Nomrom? That sounds like Mormon backwards.
[elaine] ha!. Noo… but it is a very serious religion in his sector. I really don't understand it but I hear
they're always nice guys even though they believe weird stuff. It's perfect. He'll be kind and naive and
pure. You know I like 'em pure. He'll be kid-like and fun cuz he's still young and naive and probably really
curious. Ohhhhh boy, I'm so excited!!
I'm not sure my ship can make it though.. I've got to get my ship in motion. My love life depends on it.
Ohhh ZIA, she's my only hope.
You wanna go with me? I'll need a crew of two.
[bernadette] Hell no!


from Drum 'n' Space, released January 1, 2011



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ZIA Tempe, Arizona

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