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Martians (2005)

by Elaine Walker / ZIA

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Martians 03:03
Martians We can live longer days and be lighter on our feet Gravity sucks It's not so extreme as it may seem Mars is the fire in many dreams Dear fellow space travelers We could live here Dear fellow Earth dwellers We could live here We could live here free from our world affairs Conquer our barbaric ways (Say goodbye to violent days) Mars is calling "I am the God of War" But we could choose to live in peace Earthlings Orbiting the Earth 'til we're blue in the face Bureaucracy sucks Nothing left behind, it will serve to remind Butterflies on Mars and trees on the Moon We are meant to be Space faring Mars is calling me
Space 'Zine 04:03
SPACE 'ZINE They think I like to read about aliens They think I'm in the outer limits Just because I'm reading a space 'zine They think I'm orbiting the lunasphere They think I'm really out there Just because I'm reading a space 'zine Chorus: Just because I dream Just because I see I can't assume that everybody else does I'm reading about satellites I'm reading about companies I'm reading government policies I've read about the shape of the universe The vela supernova I've read about the Mars lander rover "We stand on the shore of the cosmic ocean Riding our wisp of blue and white Like mites on a floating leaf In the whorls and the eddies of a great galactic reef" -Carl Sagan
Geek Boy 04:08
Geek Boy You fix everything around me Monitors and RAM, no parity You fix everything around me You fix everything but you break my heart Geek Boy you break my heart Truck runs over it, you will fix it Microscopic wires mend it You fix everything around me You fix my machines but you break my heart Geek Boy you break my heart Never will I so freely spill my heart open again I'm in love with a mentally unstable Geek Boy We had a special geek thing But you're afraid of loving I'll set you free Trust in me Geek Boy, trust in me You break my heart Geek Boy you break my heart
Cosmic Rain 06:40
COSMIC RAIN In memory of David Fischer So, here we are, suddenly torn apart We miss you our friend Please come back again in our dreams tonight And we'll make time stand still Together again, free from the world The time that we spent was always so real You cut through the words and spoke your mind The truest of friends And now our lives won't be the same But your voice, like Cosmic Rain, is here Your world went beyond our own All the tales that you told The aliens came and made us divine It my day, your cosmic mind The cards in my hand, I look in your eyes The Jack of hearts, you read our minds We won't be the same But your voice, like Cosmic Rain, is here Who would have thought that snapshot of your life Would be forever immortalized today That smile on your face lives on like Cosmic Rain With nature again, free from the world Your small furry friends who followed your song Aroma you breathed, you must be divine A sculpture of bread will always remind Was I your true love? My life won't be the same But your voice, like Cosmic Rain, is here
Planet Jack 03:08
PLANET JACK Oh where oh where has my brain gone? Planet Jack! I was lost in space looking for a fact I was out of place, but my brain in tact Then I crash landed on Planet Jack He kidnapped my brain and I don't want it back
Yuri Gagarin 05:44
YURI GAGARIN The chimes rang out from Kremlin's Tower, ushering a new day The 12th of April '61, man ventured into space. Yuri Gagarin, you'll be our man tonight, at the World Space Party From a schoolboy out in the pasture, to a pilot protecting the borders Days Of war and misery, had liberated Yuri The closeness of the continents, essential unity of all humans What wonderful soil this would be, in which peace and friendship could seed. Yuri Gagarin, you'll be our man tonight, at the World Space Party Yuri Gagarin, you'll be our man tonight, at the World Space Party "Dear friends, compatriots, and people of all continents In a few minutes a mighty ship will carry me into the distance What can I say to you in these last moments? At this moment my life seems so condensed into one wonderful moment To be the first to endter the cosmos, to engage, single handed In an unprecedented duel with nature. Could one ask for anything more?" Yuri Gagarin, you'll be our man tonight, at the World Space Party Yuri Gagarin, you'll be our man tonight, at the World Space Party
RESOLUTION I was broken down and I couldn't speak Couldn't walk with my shaky knees Everyday I have to be strong 'Cause everything is all wrong The situation calls for a resolution It's like an animal that needs to run wild again I'm offering a stimulant This time we'll take it to the wind The situation calls for a resolution You're feeling sad but you're looking good You want it bad and I think you should I think it's time you take a stand You hold a mountain in your hand You've got a ticket in your hand a ticket to the promised land Baby I know we have to fly And I'll see you in the sky


released January 1, 2005

Martians (2006)
1. Martians
2. Space Zine
3. Geek Boy
4. Supernova
5. Zero G
6. Cosmic Rain
7. Planet Jack
8. Yuri Gagarin (World Space Party)
9. Resolution (19edo, dance remix)
10. ZiaSpace (dot com)

All songs produced by Elaine Walker
1,3,5,6,10 engineered & co-produced by John Herrera 1,2,3,6,7,8,9 written & sung by Elaine Walker
6 co-written by Liz Lysinger
Sound design on 1 and 6 by Juno Kang
4,5,10 written & sung by Liz Lysinger
Mastered by John Herrera at Clamsville Studios
All songs copyright 2006 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved


all rights reserved



Elaine Walker / ZIA Las Cruces, New Mexico

Elaine Walker is an electronic musician and microtonal composer. She is the author of a non-fiction book, Matter Over Mind: Cosmos, Chaos, and Curiosity. Realizing she had a gift for visualizing mathematics at age 50, by 52 her first math paper was accepted (on arXiv.org). She volunteers for the NewSpace community, promoting the idea of humans living in space. She is also a member of Alcor. ... more

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